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During this kind of storm you can fall in love with someone, or the rain will wash the memory of someone from your heart. The energy of nature, my friend the wind, can bind two souls together or erase the footsteps in your heart of someone who has left you. The sunny sky becomes gray then black, and the heavy sweet rain drips drips then the wave of silver light turns the air blue, and so much rain falls the world feels encased by crystal, a storm of storms off Lake Michigan, changes lives yet again. Then the sun comes back out, its a new day, a new world, a new start.
Storm front aproaching over NU test reactor cooling pond,Contemplating the fast moving storm front, changing lightLooking south to Chicago from Evanston, Frederic Church style storm cloudsStorm front progressing over the lake with wind shear and sustained 50 to 60 mph winds, no rotation